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Welcome to Deep Dish!

My name is Richard Meadows. I’m a journalist. I like to experiment with my life, and then write about what happened.

One of my best experiments helped me save $100,000 by age 25Reaching the six figure milestone was the trigger to quit my job, abandon my worldly possessions, and move to Southeast Asia with a 22 litre day pack and a spare pair of undies. I’m also fond of pizza.

I’ve been featured in outlets including CNBC, MSN, Yahoo Finance, Now This and The Daily Mail, and written for VICE, Sunday Magazine, The Spinoff, and various others.

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What is Deep Dish?

I created this blog to document my lifestyle experiments, and help others who are interested in taking a few steps off the beaten path.

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Where to Start?

Feel free to jump into the archives and work your way through all of the posts in order. If you’d prefer a hand-picked selection, here are some of my most popular articles, organised by topic area.




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Anything else?

I love hearing from like-minded people, and I try to reply to every email (it sometimes takes me a little while to clear my inbox, so give me a few days grace).

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I hope you enjoy exploring the site, and I look forward to talking more soon!

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