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Hi! My name is Richard Meadows. I started this blog to document my experiments, and help others who are interested in taking a few steps off the beaten path.

If you want to read more about me, head on over to the ‘About’ page. For a distillation of my life and work to date, check out my book Optionality.

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Where to Start?

The underlying theme of the Deep Dish is generating high-quality options through simple living and exploration. Here’s a taste of the most-used tags:

word cloud of the most used tags on the deep dish

Feel free to jump into the archives and work your way through all of the posts in order. If you prefer a hand-picked selection, here are my most popular and/or useful essays in each topic area:

Financial Freedom

  • How to Save $100,000 by Age 25 – My viral ‘coming out’ essay on the benefits of simple living, which set the stage for everything that follows
  • The Joy of Fuck-You Money – How you can improve your life with a relatively small sum of money, rather than eat shit sandwiches for years while grinding toward ‘early retirement’
  • Net Worth Tracking – Cutting through the smoke and mirrors of financial success, and measuring the only number that matters (includes spreadsheet)


  • Constraints That Liberate – Imposing deliberate constraints to generate high-quality options in life, and introducing a sequence on the limitations of personal freedom
  • The Optionality Approach to Getting Lucky – A primer on asymmetric options: hunting for Treasure Chests (capped downside + open-ended upside) while avoiding the Bottomless Pits of Doom (open-ended downside + capped upside)
  • The Embarrassing Problem of Premature Exploitation – The forces that conspire to force us into settling for low-quality choices, instead of continuing to explore and build optionality
  • Time Travel for Pleasure and Profit – The difficulty of predicting our own future preferences, and why optionality will only become more valuable as the world gets increasingly weird

the art and science of mental time-travel: cover image




Health and Fitness

Goals and Vaulting Ambitions


The 4 Hour Work Week Review: How Tim Ferriss Created a Monster



himalayas hiking


  • Meditations on Momentum – Unmasking the force of nature that creates ‘compound interest’ in every domain of life, and its terrifying implications
  • The Brave New World of Wireheading – Why pure hedonism is a dystopian nightmare, and the difficulty of resisting primitive forms of wireheading

Anything Else?

I love hearing from like-minded people, and I try to reply to every email (it sometimes takes me a little while to clear my inbox, so give me a few days’ grace).

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Hope you enjoy exploring the site!

– Rich