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Not Sure What the Future Holds? No Problem.

It’s hard not to be worried about the future, especially if you just lost your job, are trying to plan your career, or are suddenly missing thousands of dollars from your retirement account.

In Optionality, financial columnist Richard Meadows lays out a time-tested strategy for not only becoming resilient to shocks, but positioning yourself to profit from an unpredictable world.

What This Book Includes

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  • Six books covering the philosophy of optionality, high-level strategies, and specific object-level actions
  • 70+ diagrams, charts and illustrations
  • Meet billionaires, philosophers, early retirees, and real-life superheroes
  • Full bibliography with endnotes and references
  • Exclusive reader bonuses, including free tools and companion reading list

What This Book Will Teach You

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INVESTING: Find investment opportunities with open-ended upside, and maximise the chance of a 'moonshot' success

DECISION-MAKING: Make life-changing choices under conditions of uncertainty

AUTONOMY: Achieve the kind of financial freedom that lets you live life on your own terms

RESILIENCE: Protect against disaster, build support networks, and create a safety buffer of resilience in every area of life

Praise for Optionality


taylor pearson

"There are relatively few ideas which forever changed how I saw the world. Optionality is one of them. Meadows' work is an essential read on what it is and how to apply it to your life."

—Taylor Pearson
Best-selling author of The End of Jobs, Mutiny Fund co-founder


Conor White-Sullivan

"Richard Meadows is a goddamn genius. Buy this book.”

—Conor White-Sullivan
Co-founder and CEO of Roam Research


Esther Jeong

"One of the most valuable books in today’s world...Funny and easy to read and digest while you’re learning life-changing principles and ideas.”

—Esther Jeong
Serial entrepreneur and business coach


Sonnie Bailey

"A rich lens for thinking about your financial affairs, and the big, important decisions in your life.”

—Sonnie Bailey
Founder and principal of Fairhaven Wealth


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About Richard Meadows

author mugshotRichard Meadows is a finance columnist and investor. After quitting his fulltime job at age 25, he reached financial independence while backpacking around the world. Richard once wrote a story about eating pizza for 222 days in a row, and is doomed to never hear the end of it.