I Miss You

We don’t talk much these days but we go way back. We started out in the same generic scene, but then we found our groove out in the weirder and under-explored fringes. Over the years we grew and developed together. We have a rapport.

So I’m feeling kinda bummed about how I permanently and irrevocably lost any way of contacting you. Whoops!

Due to a series of unlikely events so boring and inane that I can’t be bothered trying to properly explain them, but have something to do with a shitty, money-grubbing email marketing service ‘migrating’ to a new platform, which wouldn’t be a problem except that one of their clients might have been on a temporary hiatus from blogging, and despite having shelled out easily $1000 over the years for these vampires to essentially maintain a tiny CSV file of email addresses that must be all of 10 kilobytes, this client may not have been paying for a Premium Account at that exact moment in time, meaning that delicate little file which was the only means of staying in touch with 80 per cent of this hapless client’s readership was perma-shredded into a string of random ones and zeroes.

Now, if I actually published consistently then maybe some of you would be in the habit of doing a drive-by every now and then to see what’s new, and therefore have a chance of seeing this message. Given that I’ve managed to publish exactly one post in the last 18 months, which on the internet is enough time for entire dynasties to rise and fall, I very much doubt anyone is still hopefully padding out to the digital mailbox each morning.

But it’s worth a try: if you are a former subscriber and want to get back on the list you can sign up again here (if it says you’re already on the list, then you must be one of the 20 per cent who survived the purge).

Don't miss out!
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I also need to make some apologies. It seems as if my autoresponders and contact form haven’t been working either, which means some unknown number of people who signed up to e.g. get the book resources, didn’t receive anything, then presumably contacted me directly, only to get stiffed again. Sadly I have no idea who you are or how to reach you, but if you are reading this by some miracle, I’m sorry. Please try me again.

This incident does feel vaguely karmic, in that I’ve chronically underutilised a resource that I’ve spent an unreasonable amount of time building, but I swear I have actually been doing useful and important things out in the world! Things that I might even write about at some point!

All I can do is remind myself about the very good reasons to write things in public, which are sure as hell not money or fame, and that those reasons are scale-invariant, i.e. you get more or less the same benefits regardless of whether thousands of people are reading your shit or just your mum, with the only real difference being the little dopamine hits of validation that come from watching Number Go Up (which of course comes with its own problems, and again, is not actually going to pay off in any e.g. financial sense unless Number Go To Moon).

I’m groping around for a lesson here. My whole schtick is being paranoid of low-probability events that come with a risk of ruin and…I wasn’t paranoid enough? So I guess be even more paranoid, even for things where it seems like a huge stretch. Back your shit up, trust but verify, always take out small, low-cost options that protect against large disasters.

Anyway. Some actually substantive posts are coming soon: I have a mini-sequence I’m hyped to write up, some book-related stuff, and a small side project launching in a month or two. Time to rebuild!

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Carlos C.
Carlos C.
1 day ago

Stay in touch! You’re one of the GOATS!

Jack Sarles
Jack Sarles
10 days ago

Lisan al Gaib! Returns from the dead!

welcome back to the land of the living

24 days ago

Time to build! … or loaf

25 days ago

Good to hear from you again after all those years! Cheers from Poland