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I spend a fairly stupid amount of time writing and laying out each Deep Dish article, which adds up to hundreds of hours over the months. I’m not whinging – this is a labour of love, and I get a ton of satisfaction from the messages you guys send me.

As far as I’m concerned, the time I put into this blog is well spent. Money is a different story. It does actually cost me a fair bit of coin to run this thing, and I’d be only too happy to recoup some of the expenses.

If you’ve enjoyed or benefited from my writing, there are a few ways you can support me. In keeping with the spirit of frugality, they’re all either cheap or free.

Amazon program

Deep Dish is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Errr… what?

If you click a link from my site to a book or other product on Amazon, I’ll get a small commission (it doesn’t cost you any extra). I’m not going to start writing a bunch of product reviews crammed full of links, but I’ll throw them in where I’m recommending a book or something anyway.

The easiest way to support Deep Dish is to click the general-purpose link to Amazon (below) before you’re about to buy something. That way you’re not spending a cent more than you otherwise would have, plus you’re getting Amazon to chip in for my web hosting bill. Cheers to that!


(It might help to hit Ctrl+D to bookmark this page, and name it ‘Amazon link’ or something for easy reference.)

Other affiliate programs

I may add other affiliate links in the future. If I ever recommend something, it’ll be based on my own research and experience, and only if I was writing about a certain topic anyway. This is a blog about frugality, so I’m not exactly going to start spamming you with sales pitches for Rolexes and fur coats.

Hire me

I’m mostly a professional bum at the moment, but I do a bit of freelance journalism and copywriting to keep my hand in (and to keep my net worth from shrinking too much). If you like my style and want me to write you a blog post/wedding speech/elaborate excuse to get you out of gym class, flick me an email through the Contact form.

Spread the good word

If you like something I write, share it on Facebook, or send it over to a friend who might be interested. Why? Because I’m a craven attention whore, of course! Also, I have this crazy belief that simple living and financial freedom will a) make people less miserable, and b) make the world a better place. If you’re on board with that, let’s spread the word.

Either you support Deep Dish, or I release this super bug.
With your help, we can make Deep Dish more viral than herpes!
To everyone who has supported this blog, and the people who’ve sent me lovely messages, thanks. You guys rule.