Newspaper clippings

Deep Dish press As a journalist, it’s been a profoundly strange experience to find myself on the other side of the camera/dictaphone. I’m meant to be the one asking the questions around here!

Now that I know how it feels to sit in the hot seat and desperately try not to come across as a complete dribbling moron, I’m sure I’ll have considerably more empathy for my future interviewees.

While I haven’t really gone out looking for publicity, the interviews I’ve done have been fun, and I’m honoured to have had the chance to amplify my little message through some pretty heavyweight media platforms.

I’m always happy to chat, so feel free to send me an email if you want to arrange an interview or commission a piece of writing.

I’ve decided to start keeping a record to see how far and wide this thing spreads. The following list is divided into interviews in one category, followed by guest posts, essays and other writing that appears in my own words.

* * *


Sept 17, 2017: This millennial saved enough money to move to Thailand and only work 3 days a week (Now This)

Sept 1, 2017: Super-saver gives his best money advice (CNBC – syndicated to MSN and Yahoo Finance)

Aug 29, 2017: 26-year-old who banked $100,000 in 3 years says these strategies helped him do it (CNBC)

Sep 27, 2016: New Zealand man saved $100000 before he turned 25 (Daily Mail)


Guest posts and other writing:

Aug 14, 2017: The time I received five marriage proposals in one day (

July 30, 2017: Everyone can be an adventurer, right? (We Are Explorers)

May 24, 2017: I Hiked the Himalayas in Jandals to Honour New Zealand’s National Footwear (VICE)

July 10, 2016: This man ate pizza every day for 222 days (cover story for Sunday Magazine, republished on and expanded on the blog)

I also write a weekly money advice column for the Sunday News and You can find a collection of links to the column here, or follow along on the Deep Dish Facebook page. That’s where I post all this sort of stuff, along with various other bits and pieces that don’t make it onto the blog. See you there!