Scrooge McDuck jumping into his bank vault full of money.

The Ultimate Guide to Slashing Your Spending and Unleashing a Tsunami of Cash

  These are the exact strategies I used to save $100,000 by age 25 – with a few bonus extras thrown in for good measure. The original essay explains the ‘why’, so it’s really important to go and read it first. I’ll wait.   This article is about the ‘how’. Over the years, I’ve written more than 250 columns and feature articles about money. […]


The Pizza Diet: How I Got Bigger, Stronger and Leaner Eating 222 Large Pizzas In a Row

— I never expected to find myself buck naked in a cold white room, lying in a crucifixion pose with a warm pepperoni pizza gently draped over my junk. For this unique experience I am beholden to the editor of Sunday magazine, who first published my story. It can be viewed in its original form here. At the time of publication I was in a country without much in […]